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UK Open Government ForumThe best way to get involved in the activities of the UK Open Government Civil Society Network is through the UK Open Government Forum. The network’s activity is coordinated, ideas are shared and meetings are organised through this forum. When joining, please add yourself to the OpenGovUK group.

This blog provides regular progress updates, news and notes of meetings, and points of view from members of the UK Open Government Civil Society Network, as well as relevant links and events.


The Open Government Partnership isn’t just about governments: it’s also about engagement with citizens and civil society. UK civil society has an important role to play to open up government nationally and internationally, including through:

  • Engaging with the UK government in developing, implementing and assessing the UK’s OGP National Action Plans;
  • Engaging with the UK chairmanship of the OGP as an opportunity for the UK to provide global leadership on open government;
  • Collaborating across civil society in the interests of more open and participative government;
  • Engaging with other civil society organisations from countries taking part in the OGP to share learning, good practices and support.

Global developments in the Open Government Partnership can be followed through the OGP website at:

Suggestions, announcements and guest blog posts submissions to this website are welcome. Contact Tim Hughes ( with submissions.

You can also tweet about the UK Open Government Network using the hashtag #OpenGovUK or the OGP in the UK using the hashtag #ogpuk: