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The process of developing the UK’s new Open Government Partnership National Action Plan was formally launched on 13th July 2015 at an event co-organised by the Cabinet Office Transparency Team and UK Open Government Network.

The new action plan is being collaboratively developed between government and civil society. This page outlines how the process will work and how you can get involved.


Open Government Manifesto

Open Gov ManifestoThe UK Open Government Network published the Open Government Manifesto on 1st October 2015. Based on a ten month project to source the best open government ideas from citizens and civil society across the UK, the manifesto puts forward key proposals for commitments for the UK’s new OGP National Action Plan.

Through a series of workshops around the country and an online platform, 79 ideas were collected between December 2014 and June 2015, which have since been refined into 28 clear, specific, and impactful commitments, grouped under ten themes:

These are being taken by the OGN into discussions with the government to develop the UK’s 2016-18 Open Government Action Plan.

Government - civil society collaboration

The overall development of the 2016-18 National Action Plan is being coordinated by the Cabinet Office (on behalf of government) and UK Open Government Network coordinators (on behalf of civil society).

Name Role Organisation Contact
Thom Townsend Government Lead Coordinator Cabinet Office
Tim Hughes Civil Society Lead Coordinator OGN & Involve
Lizetta Lyster Government Coordinator Cabinet Office
Josephine Suherman-Bailey Civil Society Coordinator OGN & Involve

The plan is being organised around a number of themes, each with their own government and civil society theme lead:

Theme Name Government / civil society Organisation
Access to information

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Oliver Lendrum Government Cabinet Office
Malcolm Todd Government The National Archives
Prateek Buch Civil society Sense About Science

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Charles Barry Government Cabinet Office
Rachel Davies Civil society Transparency International
Civic participation

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Doreen Grove Government Scottish Government
Michelle Brook Civil society The Democratic Society
Open data
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Peter Hatchard Government Cabinet Office
Peter Wells Civil society The ODI
Public accountability

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Edward Wood Government House of Commons
Andy Williamson Civil society Democratise

Theme leads are charged with:

  • Developing an overarching narrative for the theme, which explains: what the theme means, why it is an important part of open government, what examples there are of UK and Devolved Administration innovations in this area, where we have got to so far on this theme, what the direction of travel is for the next two years and what the collective challenge is for the UK
  • Review suggestions for commitments from: UK Open Government Network (Open Government Manifesto), UK Government departments and Devolved Administrations – to determine what the priority actions are (based on whether they contribute to the achievement of the direction of travel/collective challenge) and whether they are do-able
  • Support a process of co-creation between civil society and government to further refine the narrative and commitments under each theme and to ensure they stretch the collective ambition.

The NAP will be developed according to a number of high level guiding principles:

Public events & consultation

During February and March 2016, a number of workshops were held organised around the themes of the Action Plan.  Notes from these workshops are available here:

Workshops were subsequently held across themes in Manchester, Birmingham and Newcastle.


Launch event

We started conversations on the open government topics in the Commitment Labs at the launch of the Open Government Project.

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