Meeting notes 29th September 2016

What does the public want from Open Government?

by Ben Simmons


On the 4th September 2016 30 members of the public met in Glasgow to discuss what they want as citizens from an Open Government.

I have written up the outcomes from that meeting and you can download the file from here­.

Please read it and comment on the Meetup group any feedback you may have. As much as possible I will amend the document to better reflect the group’s feeling. I included every comment made in the session, some are combined together, and some are worthy of their own independent discussion at some point.

Once a reasonable feedback window has passed I will judge the document finished and I think the next step will be to take it back to the Scottish Government and Common Weal for comment and a discussion about how we make ourselves heard now that we know what we are asking for. If anyone has an alternative idea please let me know. I am trying to enable and coordinate this movement, not direct it, so all suggestions welcome.