Scotland's 2018-20 Open Government Action Plan has been published!

Thank you for submitting your ideas for how government could be done differently in Scotland. Suggestions have ranged from more participatory budgeting, more information on public finances and a greater understanding of how policy decisions are made. Your input is helping us to make open government the new normal in Scotland.

In June and July 2018 the Scottish Government and Open Government Network invited the public and civil society organisations to share their ideas that can help make government in Scotland work better for its people. Since then, civil society representatives on Scotland's Open Government Partnership Steering Group have worked with the Scottish Government to develop the plan. Scotland's 2018/20 Open Government Action Plan was published in December 2018.

Read the plan here

Latest updates

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The UK Open Government Network steering committee has said the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, should resign in a statement issued today [14/04/22]. The UK open Government Network coordinates civil society input into the UK government’s national action plan on…

UK Government backslides on commitments to open government in new National Action Plan

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Government accused of ‘backsliding’ in new anti-corruption plan Last minute changes ‘watered down’ anti-corruption plan. Civil society calls for ‘public standards’ commitment ‘ignored’. Commitment on a register of overseas entities owning property in the UK removed. The UK risks being…

Statement: Committee on Standards / Owen Patterson MP

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