Job Opportunity: NI Open Government Network Co-ordinator

17th December 2020

A highly motivated, committed and competent individual is required to support Northern Ireland Open Government Network (NIOGN). The main purpose of this role is: Coordinate and lead the delivery of the NIOGN Open Local Government project funded by The National Lottery Community Fund Provide support to the wider work of NIOGN, including communications, event organisation…

UK Open Government Network response to Inquiry into Data Transparency and Accountability: Covid 19

9th November 2020

The UK Open Government Network Steering Committee has submitted a response to the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee’s inquiry into Data Transparency and Accountability in the Covid-19 pandemic. The response calls for the Open Government principles of accountability, transparency and participation to be fundamental to the UK Government’s approach to tackling the pandemic and…

Northern Ireland Joins Global Partnership to Promote Open Government

20th October 2020

The government of Northern Ireland has been selected to join the Open Government Partnership (OGP), an organization that brings together governments and civil society leaders to create more transparent, inclusive, and participatory government. As a new member of OGP, Northern Ireland will work with local civil society organizations and other OGP members to advance the…

NIOGN Statement on the “New Decade, New Approach” deal to restore the Northern Ireland Assembly

10th January 2020

The Northern Ireland Open Government Network (NIOGN) cautiously welcomes the proposed document ‘New Decade, New Approach’ from the British and Irish Governments. The aspirations set out in ‘New Decade, New Approach’ could change many lives, the document outlines some major proposals and could have a positive impact on the culture of politics in Northern Ireland,…

How much does the UK government give in grants?

19th September 2019

Originally published on 9 September 2019 on the 360Giving website, written by David Kane. Grants from government are a crucial part of the voluntary sector’s funding mix – but surprisingly, it’s very difficult to find out how much these grants are worth or where they go. NCVO’s latest UK Civil Society Almanac has a figure…

The Action Plan has been published – what’s next?

20th June 2019

From 28-30 May, Canadian civil society and the Canadian Government hosted the Open Government Partnership Global Summit in Ottawa. This year’s Summit had a particular focus on participation, inclusion and impact. Over 2,000 delegates, over 100 sessions, and 130 countries (including all the UK nations) came together to learn and share their knowledge, experiences and…

Welsh Open Government Action Plan 2019-21

25th May 2019

The Welsh Government have just published their Open Government Action Plan Commitments for 2019-21. The commitments include measures around: Engagement Access to information Grants data Legislation Financial engagement Read the full plan here:  

UK IRM Researcher Reflects on the UK End-of-Term Report for 2016-18 NAP

14th May 2019

The End of Term report for the UK’s last Open Government National Action Plan (NAP) has been published. The report summarizes the results of the 3rd NAP, covering October 2017 to May 2018, and includes some relevant developments up to October 2018. So here’s a few things the NAP tells us about where we are…