Meeting notes

UK OGP Civil Society Survey

30th August 2012

To inform the work of the UK Open Government Partnership Civil Society Network we have put together a short online survey. This survey is targeted to organisations involved, or interested in becoming involved in the network. Survey responses are invited by Wednesday 5th September 2012, although the survey will remain open until mid-September for additional…

What is on the UK OGP calendar?

30th August 2012

With the 2013 Open Government Partnership plenary now pencilled in for October 2013 in London, it might seem like the OGP calendar is a little sparse, but there are quite a few events and activities coming up. Drawing on recent conversations with Cabinet Office, and wider OGP calendars, here’s a quick overview of some upcoming…

Visions for a UK OGP Forum

14th June 2012

As part of the OGP process, countries have to consult on their national action plans, and to “identify  a forum to enable regular multi-stakeholder consultation on OGP implementation—this can be an existing entity or a new one”.  The UK has not yet identified or established such a forum, but will need to do so over…