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Critical components for engaging civil society in the National Action Plan | Simon Burall, Involve

10th May 2013

This was originally posted on the international Open Government Partnership blog: http://blog.opengovpartnership.org/2013/05/critical-components-for-engaging-civil-society-in-the-national-action-plan/ In two recent, companion posts on this site, Graham Gordon from the UK OGP Civil Society Network and Ilaria Miller from the Cabinet Office reflect on whether the process of drafting the UK’s second National Action Plan (NAP) has been worth it. Both, despite the challenges, agree that…

Government and civil society joint working on the UK Action Plan: Definitely worth it! | Ilaria Miller, Cabinet Office

9th May 2013

This was originally posted on the international Open Government Partnership blog: http://blog.opengovpartnership.org/2013/05/government-and-civil-society-joint-working-on-the-uk-action-plan-definitely-worth-it-2/ I have been involved in the OGP since its early beginnings and it has been a real privilege to witness the growth of a movement so exciting and ambitious. The idea of making governments more open and transparent, because this benefits not just the…

Civil society participation in drafting the UK National Action Plan – Has it been worth it? | Graham Gordon, Tearfund

25th April 2013

This was originally posted on the international Open Government Partnership blog: http://blog.opengovpartnership.org/2013/04/civil-society-participation-in-drafting-the-uk-national-action-plan-has-it-been-worth-it/  Today the UK government planned to publish its first draft of the new National Action Plan for the Open Government Partnership. The aim was to coincide with the Steering Group Meeting in London and to show the progress made so far in developing commitments…

“Transparency can ‘break cycle of poor governance’ in developing world” | Anne Thurston, International Records Management Trust

18th March 2013

The Guardian has published a piece on the need for data integrity if open data is to improve government transparency, particularly in the developing world. The piece, written by Dr Anne Thurston, founder and director of the International Records Management Trust, calls on the UK government to encourage data integrity as part of its international transparency…

Towards an overarching narrative on open government | Graham Gordon, Tearfund

12th February 2013

Open government – based on transparency, participation and responsiveness – is needed to enable greater accountability and better use of resources for development. This has already been recognised in the UK Government’s Co-chair vision for the OGP, which has as its first objective to ‘Show that transparency and participation drive economic growth, well-being and prosperity through…

Leading the race to the top | Sophia Oliver, Cabinet Office

31st January 2013

At the end of October I asked civil society to join me in a shared endeavour – to create the next UK National Action Plan for the OGP. We’re now three months in – our weekly sessions on Thursdays at the Open Data Institute are well established, we’ve got a rough narrative for the plan…

A Game of Two Halves: Better engagement on open government | Alan Hudson, ONE

6th December 2012

On the 5th December 2012, the UK Government – in its role as co-chair of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) – organised a Peer Exchange meeting for representatives of participating countries. The opening panel saw government and civil society representatives from Indonesia (the other co-chair of OGP), Mexico, Tanzania and the UK share their stories…

How open is the UK Open Government strategy? | Andrew Clarke, Publish What You Fund

24th July 2012

You’d be forgiven for not noticing the release of an Open Data Strategy by the Department for International Development (DFID) at the end of June. This remarkable yet unflashy document spells out the department’s intentions for ramping up their already considerable transparency programme to increase accountability, efficiency and traceability of its work. All UK Government…

Do Britain’s open government initiatives lack ambition?

24th May 2012

The Guardian online has published a guest piece by one of the editors of this site. Do Britain’s open government initiatives lack ambition? Open Government Partnership aims for greater transparency but the UK falls short on public integrity and corporate accountability. Read more