3rd March 2021

78 country Open Government Partnership places UK government ‘under review.’ UK government twice fails to properly deliver transparency plans. Organisations co-sign letter expressing ‘concern.’   The Open Government Partnership [OGP] of 78 countries representing some 2 billion people has placed the UK government ‘under review’ for failing to properly deliver a plan for transparent, participatory,…

The Action Plan has been published – what’s next?

20th June 2019

From 28-30 May, Canadian civil society and the Canadian Government hosted the Open Government Partnership Global Summit in Ottawa. This year’s Summit had a particular focus on participation, inclusion and impact. Over 2,000 delegates, over 100 sessions, and 130 countries (including all the UK nations) came together to learn and share their knowledge, experiences and…

Welsh Open Government Action Plan 2019-21

25th May 2019

The Welsh Government have just published their Open Government Action Plan Commitments for 2019-21. The commitments include measures around: Engagement Access to information Grants data Legislation Financial engagement Read the full plan here:  

Open Government- Beyond the Usual Suspects

21st February 2019

As part of the Open Government Pioneers Project, ERS Cymru have been commissioned to look into the barriers stopping a wider range of people engaging in Open Government. The small project, ‘Beyond the Usual Suspects’, saw us run two focus groups with a range of people considered less likely to engage, including one in a…

Welsh Government publish their self assessment of the third national action plan

25th January 2019

As part of their commitment to open government, all participating governments have to publish an assessment of how they’ve performed at the end of each term. The Welsh Government have just published their self assessment of how they’ve done on their commitments in the third national action plan, which ran from 2016-2018. The full report…

Welsh self assessment for the third National Action Plan

13th December 2018

*Please note the period for comments has now closed* The third UK Open Government National Action Plan was published in May 2016. In December 2016, commitments from each of the devolved administrations, including Welsh Government were published in an update to the UK plan. As part of the two-year action plan cycle, governments are required…

What does Welsh civil society want from the next Open Government Action Plan?

2nd August 2018

Civil society manifesto  If you could get Welsh Government to do one thing to be more transparent or engaging, what would it be? This was the premise of an online consultation we ran to engage civil society on their suggestions for the next Welsh Open Government Action Plan. Following some great ideas online we’ve put…

Openness in Wales: The Open Government Partnership

20th June 2018

You can read the full IRM report here. You can also come along to hear Ben in conversation with his Australian equivalent in London on the 12th July. This week my IRM report on the UK’s Third National Action Plan was published, covering the UK’s progress up until the end of last year. So where…

Have your say on the Wales Open Government Action Plan

18th June 2018

Do you have an idea for how government could be done differently in Wales? How it can be more accountable and transparent and work more effectively with people across the country? If yes, we want to hear your suggestions for the next Wales Open Government Action Plan 2018-2020. From Monday 18th June, you will be…