UK Open Gov

The UK Open Government Network (OGN) is a coalition of active citizens and civil society organisations committed to making government work better for people through increased transparency, participation and accountability. The OGN mobilises and coordinates civil society to effectively advocate for open government reforms, and works with government to identify, develop and implements the UK’s commitments under the global Open Government Partnership.

Strategic Discussion on Open Government Multistakeholder Forum

15th February 2021
Strategic Discussion on Open Government Multistakeholder Forum December 9 2020, 10.30 – 12pm Co-chairs: Fiona Deans (Government Digital Service) Kevin Keith (UK Open Government Network) BACKGROUND The UK is a founding member of the OGP (established in 2011) an international coalition of over 70 countries committed to upholding the core values of transparency, accountability, and…
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Open Gov Meetup

10th February 2021
It’s an important year for open government. In part because of the development of a new action plan which we must shape with government. But also because the world will be watching the UK as the G7 and COP26 take place on these shores in June and November respectively. To paraphrase a recent speech, what…
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New Orders | OECD Government After Shock

12th November 2020
The balance of power post pandemic. Join Andy Burnham, Lord Michael Heseltine, Professor Arpana Verma, Jacqui McKinlay, the Open Government Network and others, to contribute to a global conversation about change post pandemic as part of the OECD’s Government After Shock. The coronavirus has brutally exposed the imbalance of power between regional and national government.…
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UK Open Government Network response to Inquiry into Data Transparency and Accountability: Covid 19

9th November 2020
The UK Open Government Network Steering Committee has submitted a response to the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee’s inquiry into Data Transparency and Accountability in the Covid-19 pandemic. The response calls for the Open Government principles of accountability, transparency and participation to be fundamental to the UK Government’s approach to tackling the pandemic and…
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Light and Shadows: The RHI Scandal and the Temptations of Secrecy

27th February 2020
This article was originally published in The Political Quarterly on 20 January 2020. Marilyn Stathern, in her famous article on the ‘Tyranny of transparency’, asked: ‘what does visibility conceal’?  While openness can shed light on some areas, it can also create shadows and shade to hide in. One of the biggest fears for transparency campaigners…
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Open Government in the 2019 General Election

1st December 2019
There are many issues dominating the campaign for the 2019 General Election. We have collected a few different resources and put them together to help give you, the voter, information about party policies on these issues: Manifesto Tracker (IfG): Find out where to vote and candidates in your area:   If you have…
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OGP Webinar on Opening Justice

27th November 2019
Join OGP on Friday, December 6th for a webinar on opening justice! Justice is an emerging area in open government. Thanks to increased global activity around access to justice, there is growing interest by many governments and civil society organizations to better link justice with open government, and to use the OGP platform as a…
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Open Gov Week 2020

21st November 2019
The Open Government Partnership has announced that Open Gov Week 2020 will take place on May 3-10. Open Gov Week is a global call to action intended to promote democracy, foster inclusion and improve governance.  The week brings together changemakers, thinkers, and doers from in and out of government to listen to each other’s ideas,…
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Why we need a national commitment to open justice data

10th October 2019
This blogpost was written by Dr Judith Townend. Dr Judith Townend is a senior lecturer in media and information law at the University of Sussex. She was commissioned by Spotlight on Corruption to prepare a proposal to guide the Open Government commitment to open justice. You can download the report here: Docx | pdf Justice…
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Who is watching Parliament?

8th October 2019
Blogpost originally published here on 4th September 2019, authored by Ben Worthy. How well can we monitor what is happening at Westminster? What happens when we do? This project looks at how new data sources and web platforms have made it easier to monitor Parliament and its members. At the touch of a button, we…
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