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The UK Open Government Network (OGN) is a coalition of active citizens and civil society organisations committed to making government work better for people through increased transparency, participation and accountability. The OGN mobilises and coordinates civil society to effectively advocate for open government reforms, and works with government to identify, develop and implements the UK’s commitments under the global Open Government Partnership.

Data Bites #4: Getting things done with data in government

1st July 2019
Wednesday 3 July 2019, 18:00 – 19:15 An event organised by the Institute for Government: Better use of data is key to more effective government. Across government, teams are doing fascinating work with data. But those projects don’t get the attention they deserve. At this event, the fourth in our series, four organisations will…
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The Action Plan has been published – what’s next?

20th June 2019
From 28-30 May, Canadian civil society and the Canadian Government hosted the Open Government Partnership Global Summit in Ottawa. This year’s Summit had a particular focus on participation, inclusion and impact. Over 2,000 delegates, over 100 sessions, and 130 countries (including all the UK nations) came together to learn and share their knowledge, experiences and…
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UK Open Government National Action Plan: A Gendered Analysis

19th June 2019
by Women’s Budget Group NOTE: This analysis by Women’s Budget Group was requested in early 2019 before the National Action Plan 2019-21 had been published. A number of commitments have had slight changes since this analysis was done, although these do not affect the overall assessment. Two commitments were not finalised when passed onto WBG…
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Finding the Missing Million$ – UK extractives data workshop

31st May 2019
Please forward to civil society colleagues, investigative journalists and other like-minded people who may be interested. Save the date & RSVP here! SAVE THE DATE Publish What You Pay UK and Global Witness invite you to a practical interactive workshop for civil society and journalists on using extractive payment and revenue data to promote producer…
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Statement by UK Open Government Network at #OGPCanada

29th May 2019
The UK has been one of the leading participant countries in the Open Government Partnership (OGP) since it was launched in 2011. As first co-chair of the OGP, the UK secured the initiative’s foundations and helped broaden its reach far beyond the original eight founding members to over 50 participating countries. The commitments in previous…
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2019-21 UK Open Government National Action Plan: Northern Ireland Commitments

28th May 2019
Contents Introduction Commitment 1: Transparency in Government Contracting Commitment 2: Access to Government Land and Property Data –making available data relating to Government Land and Property assets Commitment 3: Open Data –Increase the number and quality of open datasets released Commitment 4: Improved Transparency and Public Accountability Commitment 5: Citizen Participation and Open Policy Making…
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2019-2021 UK National Action Plan for Open Government

28th May 2019
Updated 12 June 2019 Ministerial foreword Introduction Summary of commitments Commitment 1: Grants data Commitment 2: Public participation Commitment 3: Open policy making Commitment 4: Open contracting data Commitment 5: Natural resource transparency Commitment 6: Innovation in democracy programme Commitment 7: Effective knowledge sharing for sustainable OG policies and practices across public services in the…
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Reply to OGN Letter: Ongoing delay to finalising the UK Open Government Action Plan

27th May 2019
You can download a copy of the letter here (.pdf 191kb) TO2019/05027/DC 27 May 2019 Andreas Pavlou UK Open Government Network Involve 18 Victoria Park Square London E2 9PF Dear Mr Pavlou Thank you for your letter dated May 1 regarding the ongoing delay to the launch of the UK’s fourth National Action Plan for…
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UK IRM Researcher Reflects on the UK End-of-Term Report for 2016-18 NAP

14th May 2019
The End of Term report for the UK’s last Open Government National Action Plan (NAP) has been published. The report summarizes the results of the 3rd NAP, covering October 2017 to May 2018, and includes some relevant developments up to October 2018. So here’s a few things the NAP tells us about where we are…
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Side Events to the OGP Global Summit

1st May 2019
For more information and to register for these events, please visit: Open Source Hackathon TBC Registration to come. Youth Workshop 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.0 0 Elgin Street By invitation. OGP Academy 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Carleton University Panel Discussion on Transparency and the Interface of Politics, Money and Democracy 6:00 p.m. –…
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