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Reply to Letter: Minister Julia Lopez to UK OGN

14th March 2021
5 March 2021 Dear UK Open Government Civil Society Network members, Thank you for your letter of March 2nd, calling on the United Kingdom to reclaim its place as a global leader in openness and democracy. I am responding to your letter in my capacity as Parliamentary Secretary of the Cabinet Office, responsible for the…
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OGN Letter to Minister Julia Lopez on the OGP placing the UK ‘under review.’

3rd March 2021
Julia Lopez MP Parliamentary Secretary Cabinet Office 70 Whitehall London SW1A 2AS March 2021 Dear Minister, Let’s take back our place as a global leader in open government. The Open Government Network (OGN) is a broad coalition of people and organisations who wish to see the United Kingdom regain our position as a global leader…
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3rd March 2021
78 country Open Government Partnership places UK government ‘under review.’ UK government twice fails to properly deliver transparency plans. Organisations co-sign letter expressing ‘concern.’   The Open Government Partnership [OGP] of 78 countries representing some 2 billion people has placed the UK government ‘under review’ for failing to properly deliver a plan for transparent, participatory,…
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OGP Webinar on Opening Justice

27th November 2019
Join OGP on Friday, December 6th for a webinar on opening justice! Justice is an emerging area in open government. Thanks to increased global activity around access to justice, there is growing interest by many governments and civil society organizations to better link justice with open government, and to use the OGP platform as a…
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Open Gov Week 2020

21st November 2019
The Open Government Partnership has announced that Open Gov Week 2020 will take place on May 3-10. Open Gov Week is a global call to action intended to promote democracy, foster inclusion and improve governance.  The week brings together changemakers, thinkers, and doers from in and out of government to listen to each other’s ideas,…
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Review of the Welsh Government’s new commitments around transparency, accountability and participation

7th June 2019
Last week around 2,500 people from 79 countries gathered in Ottawa for a series of events and meetings as part of the Open Government Summit 2019. The event brings together civil society and government representatives from countries committed to the Open Government Partnership, who each produce action plans every two years outlining their commitments around…
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2019-2021 UK Open Government National Action Plan: Welsh Government Commitments

28th May 2019
Contents Introduction Commitment 1: Engagement Commitment 2: Access to Information Commitment 3: Guidance on Open Data Publication for Public Bodies Commitment 4: Grants Commitment 5: Legislation Commitment 6: Financial Engagement Introduction This latest set of Welsh Government Open Government commitments forms part of the overall UK Open Government National Action Plan 2019-21, along with commitments…
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Welsh Open Government Action Plan 2019-21

25th May 2019
The Welsh Government have just published their Open Government Action Plan Commitments for 2019-21. The commitments include measures around: Engagement Access to information Grants data Legislation Financial engagement Read the full plan here:  
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Open Government- Beyond the Usual Suspects

21st February 2019
As part of the Open Government Pioneers Project, ERS Cymru have been commissioned to look into the barriers stopping a wider range of people engaging in Open Government. The small project, ‘Beyond the Usual Suspects’, saw us run two focus groups with a range of people considered less likely to engage, including one in a…
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Welsh Government publish their self assessment of the third national action plan

25th January 2019
As part of their commitment to open government, all participating governments have to publish an assessment of how they’ve performed at the end of each term. The Welsh Government have just published their self assessment of how they’ve done on their commitments in the third national action plan, which ran from 2016-2018. The full report…
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