Open Government Action Hub

With the UK Government

The UK government is currently working with civil society to co-create a new National Action Plan (NAP) covering from 2021 to 2023.

The NAP is a requirement of being a member of the Open Government Partnership. It is a series of commitments for better government.

To put the NAP together civil society and government representatives form what is called a Multistakeholder Forum (MSF).

Meetings to date:

An event to discuss the MSF took place in December last year. You can read the minutes from this meeting here: Strategic Discussion on the MSF, 9th December, 2020


It is expected a series of thematic groups will take place between March and July. Outputs from these groups then form a draft NAP to be published in the Autumn.

With the Scottish Government

Scotland is developing its second open government action plan as part of the Open Government Partnership Local Programme which invites other levels of government that are closer to citizens such as federal, devolved or municipal entities, to develop their own action plans with local civil society.

Scotland is currently delivering its second devolved open government action plan.

In 2020, an application for a dedicated city-level action plan for Glasgow, led by Glasgow City Council has also been approved as part of the Open Government Partnership’s Local Programme.

Civil society negotiations with Scottish Government are conducted by a Scotland level steering group. elected by the Scottish Open Government Network.


With devolved administrations in Northern Ireland and Cymru / Wales

Open government action plans are also being developed in Northern Ireland and Cymru/Wales. To engage with the process for these, please join the Northern Ireland orĀ  Cymru/Wales network.