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Openness in Wales: The Open Government Partnership

20th June 2018 – News, Wales

You can read the full IRM report here. You can also come along to hear Ben in conversation with his Australian equivalent in London on the 12th July. This week my IRM report on the UK’s Third National Action Plan was published, covering the UK’s progress up until the end of last year. So where…

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The UK needs ambitious open government commitments for challenging times – Tim Hughes

19th June 2018 – News, United Kingdom

Tim Hughes – is Director of Involve, which coordinates the Open Government Civil Society Network. He was the co-chair of the second meeting of the Open Government Multi Stakeholder Forum. The Open Government Partnership has helped achieve some transformative reforms in the UK over the past six years. Among them are ensuring beneficial ownership transparency,…

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Have your say on the Wales Open Government Action Plan

18th June 2018 – News, Wales

Do you have an idea for how government could be done differently in Wales? How it can be more accountable and transparent and work more effectively with people across the country? If yes, we want to hear your suggestions for the next Wales Open Government Action Plan 2018-2020. From Monday 18th June, you will be…

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The UK’s Third NAP Mid-Term Report: Events, Evolution and (Un)evenness

15th June 2018 – News, United Kingdom

Ben Worthy is the UK IRM and an academic at Birkbeck College, University of London. You can read the full IRM report here. You can also come along to hear Ben in conversation with his Australian equivalent in London on the 12th July.   This week my mid-term IRM report on the UK’s Third National…

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UK Open Government Multistakeholder Forum | 11 June 2018 | Meeting Notes

14th June 2018 – Meeting notes, United Kingdom

Attendees Co-chair: Tim Hughes, Involve Andreas Pavlou, OGN Tim Davies Maria Stephens, CRAE Giuseppe Sollazzo Gavin Freeguard, IfG Michael Birtwistle, NCVO Jess Blair, ERS Wales Lucy McTernan, OGN Scotland Co-chair: Sue Bateman, DCMS Nicola Oldham, DFID Rhona Birchall, DFID Joel Catchatoor, CO Tom Leftwich, DCMS Thom Townsend, DCMS Katie Holder, DCMS Eilidh Simpson, DFID Notes…

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OGN publishes Open Government Manifesto 2018

1st June 2018 – News, United Kingdom

Today, the UK Open Government Civil Society Network (OGN) has published its Open Government Civil Society Manifesto 2018. This Manifesto puts forward the UK OGN’s key thematic areas for consideration as part of the development of the UK’s fourth Open Government Action Plan. The Manifesto has been developed following discussions by civil society; an online…

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Let’s make Scotland work for you! Have your say on Scotland’s Open Government Action Plan

25th May 2018 – News, Scotland

Do you want to help transform government? Imagine a country where citizens and governments come together to solve the most pressing challenges we face; where the decision making process is transparent and accountable, and where you have a real say in the policies and services that shape your life. Whether you would like more opportunities…

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We are moving! A New Online Platform for the Open Government Networks

25th May 2018 – News, United Kingdom

The Open Government Networks are moving to a new online platform. Over the last week, we have been inviting members of the Open Government Networks to move to the new online platform run by All you need to do is sign up and ‘join’ at least one of the network ‘groups’ to receive updates…

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How government and civil society is collaborating to drive openness – Gila Sacks

11th May 2018 – News, Points of View, United Kingdom

Gila Sacks is Director for Digital and Tech Policy at the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). Her responsibilities include support for the tech sector and wider digital economy, emerging technologies, digital skills and inclusion, and the societal and ethical implications of technology. Opening up government is a powerful way of building trust…

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New UK OGN Steering Committee Members Elected

8th May 2018 – News, United Kingdom

Over the last two weeks, members of the UK OGN have been voting for their new Steering Committee members. The vote closed at 5pm on Monday 7 May 2018. The votes have now been counted and converted using Borda count method (i.e. 1st preference = 7 points; 2nd = 6 points; 3rd = 5 points;…

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