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Why we need a national commitment to open justice data

10th October 2019 – Points of View

This blogpost was written by Dr Judith Townend. Dr Judith Townend is a senior lecturer in media and information law at the University of Sussex. She was commissioned by Spotlight on Corruption to prepare a proposal to guide the Open Government commitment to open justice. You can download the report here: Docx | pdf Justice…

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Who is watching Parliament?

8th October 2019 – Points of View

Blogpost originally published here on 4th September 2019, authored by Ben Worthy. How well can we monitor what is happening at Westminster? What happens when we do? This project looks at how new data sources and web platforms have made it easier to monitor Parliament and its members. At the touch of a button, we…

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Using data to drive improvements in race equality in the public sector

25th September 2019 – Points of View

This blogpost was written by Professor Karim Murji (University of West London) and Asif Afridi (BRAP) Earlier this year, a blogpost made the case for high quality data on ethnicity to understand and address inequalities in the public sector.  While we are sympathetic to that call, our research suggests that data quality in itself is…

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How much does the UK government give in grants?

19th September 2019 – News, United Kingdom

Originally published on 9 September 2019 on the 360Giving website, written by David Kane. Grants from government are a crucial part of the voluntary sector’s funding mix – but surprisingly, it’s very difficult to find out how much these grants are worth or where they go. NCVO’s latest UK Civil Society Almanac has a figure…

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The Action Plan has been published – what’s next?

20th June 2019 – News, Northern Ireland, Points of View, Scotland, United Kingdom, Wales

From 28-30 May, Canadian civil society and the Canadian Government hosted the Open Government Partnership Global Summit in Ottawa. This year’s Summit had a particular focus on participation, inclusion and impact. Over 2,000 delegates, over 100 sessions, and 130 countries (including all the UK nations) came together to learn and share their knowledge, experiences and…

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UK Open Government National Action Plan: A Gendered Analysis

19th June 2019 – Points of View, United Kingdom

by Women’s Budget Group NOTE: This analysis by Women’s Budget Group was requested in early 2019 before the National Action Plan 2019-21 had been published. A number of commitments have had slight changes since this analysis was done, although these do not affect the overall assessment. Two commitments were not finalised when passed onto WBG…

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NI Open Government Network Blog – Open Government Commitments for Northern Ireland

13th June 2019 – Northern Ireland, Points of View

Written Colm Burns The UK’s fourth Open Government National Action Plan 2019-21 (NAP), published just in time for 6th Open Government Partnership Global Summit in Ottawa on 28 May 2019, builds on the previous plans published in September 2011, September 2013, and May 2016. The NAP was developed in dialogue with the UK Open Government…

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Ann Allan Blog – Democracy Games

13th June 2019 – Northern Ireland, Points of View

Written by Ann Allan Originally posted on On Friday I attended the Democracy Games at Stormont. Now I’m sure you’re asking what are Democracy Games and aren’t you a bit old to be taking part in any sort of games. I was in fact there to host on behalf of the Open Government NI…

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NI Open Government Network Blog – What Does Real Democracy Look Like?

12th June 2019 – Northern Ireland, Points of View

Written by Jenny Muir What does democracy mean to us? Has its meaning changed over time? Which countries are the most democratic? How does good democratic practice relate to activism? What are the barriers to achieving change? NI OGN Directors Paul Braithwaite and Jenny Muir led a workshop asking these questions – and more – …

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NI Open Government Network Blog – Open Government Partnership Global Summit 2019

10th June 2019 – Northern Ireland, Points of View

Written by Connor McLean “It has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time…” – speaker at OGP Summit quoting Winston Churchill  This year’s OGP Summit was hosted in the Canadian capital, Ottawa. The sixth international gathering of its…

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