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NI Open Government Network Blog – What Does Real Democracy Look Like?

12th June 2019 – Northern Ireland, Points of View

Written by Jenny Muir What does democracy mean to us? Has its meaning changed over time? Which countries are the most democratic? How does good democratic practice relate to activism? What are the barriers to achieving change? NI OGN Directors Paul Braithwaite and Jenny Muir led a workshop asking these questions – and more – …

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NI Open Government Network Blog – Open Government Partnership Global Summit 2019

10th June 2019 – Northern Ireland, Points of View

Written by Connor McLean “It has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time…” – speaker at OGP Summit quoting Winston Churchill  This year’s OGP Summit was hosted in the Canadian capital, Ottawa. The sixth international gathering of its…

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Review of the Welsh Government’s new commitments around transparency, accountability and participation

7th June 2019 – News, Wales

Last week around 2,500 people from 79 countries gathered in Ottawa for a series of events and meetings as part of the Open Government Summit 2019. The event brings together civil society and government representatives from countries committed to the Open Government Partnership, who each produce action plans every two years outlining their commitments around…

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Welsh Open Government Action Plan 2019-21

25th May 2019 – News, Wales

The Welsh Government have just published their Open Government Action Plan Commitments for 2019-21. The commitments include measures around: Engagement Access to information Grants data Legislation Financial engagement Read the full plan here:  

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UK IRM Researcher Reflects on the UK End-of-Term Report for 2016-18 NAP

14th May 2019 – News, Points of View, United Kingdom

The End of Term report for the UK’s last Open Government National Action Plan (NAP) has been published. The report summarizes the results of the 3rd NAP, covering October 2017 to May 2018, and includes some relevant developments up to October 2018. So here’s a few things the NAP tells us about where we are…

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How to make Feminist Open Government tangible – civil society reflections from the UK’s first FOGO workshop

4th April 2019 – News, Points of View, United Kingdom

In 2019, the Open Government Partnership (OGP) is focusing on gender and inclusion as key priorities. During Open Government Week, DCMS and Open Heroines gathered a group of civil society members, government officials, and private sector representatives to share ideas and discuss how to make the Feminist Open Government Initiative (FOGO) more specific and tangible.…

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The Windrush Scandal: the case for increasing BME participation in decision-making

20th March 2019 – Points of View, United Kingdom

This commitment idea has been produced by Runnymede Trust. This action was part of the Open Government Pioneers Project. Check out more commitment ideas here. The Windrush Scandal of 2018 shocked the nation. British Subjects who had moved predominantly from the Caribbean to the UK at a young age, were wrongly detained, deported and denied…

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Data Transparency for Social Change

15th March 2019 – Points of View, United Kingdom

This case study was written by Runnymede Trust as part of the Open Government Pioneers Project. Check out the other case studies here. If we hope to reduce ethnic inequalities then high quality data is essential. The government’s launch of the Race Disparity Audit in 2017 was a positive step, putting a plethora of data…

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NI Open Government Network Blog – Where is my Good Friday Agreement?

26th February 2019 – Northern Ireland, Points of View

Written By Colm Burns I voted for the Good Friday Agreement (GFA) in May 1998 because I felt it was the right thing to do. I was 20 and not politically active, and hadn’t actually read the Agreement but I did grow up in North Belfast beside Girdwood Army Barracks. I remember the bombs and…

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Open Government- Beyond the Usual Suspects

21st February 2019 – News, Wales

As part of the Open Government Pioneers Project, ERS Cymru have been commissioned to look into the barriers stopping a wider range of people engaging in Open Government. The small project, ‘Beyond the Usual Suspects’, saw us run two focus groups with a range of people considered less likely to engage, including one in a…

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