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The Lobbying Bill – A Missed Opportunity | Robert Barrington, Transparency International UK

19th July 2013 – Points of View, United Kingdom

When David Cameron said in 2010 that lobbying was ‘the next scandal waiting to happen’ he was both right and wrong. Right because it is an area which is ripe for scandal – a potentially unsavoury mix of money, power, politics and special interests. Wrong because by the time he said it, the scandal was…

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Public views on open data: Sciencewise social intelligence report

18th July 2013 – News, United Kingdom

Sciencewise-ERC – the UK’s national centre for public dialogue in policy making involving science and technology issues – has published a review of public views on the topic of open data over the past five years, available here: Here’s the executive summary: The report provides an analysis of key messages and trends; and gives an overview of possible…

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Is the government delivering on its commitment to lobbying transparency? | Tim Hughes, Involve

17th July 2013 – Points of View, United Kingdom

Today (17 July 2013) the Coalition Government published the “Transparency of Lobbying, Non-party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill“, which sets out its plans for a “lobbying register”. On the face-of-it, this should be a positive step on a critical aspect of open government: making it transparent who influences government’s decisions. But the devil – as…

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Open Government Partnership Annual Summit: Call for proposals

15th July 2013 – News, United Kingdom

As lead co-chair of the Open Government Partnership this year, the UK will be hosting the OGP’s Annual Summit in London on 31 October and 1 November. To help to build the programme, the organisers have launched a call for proposals for ideas of sessions. Here’s what they say: In just over 3 months around 1000…

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“It is essential that the public and parliamentarians have access to all the information they need to scrutinise the delivery of services” | Tim Hughes, Involve

12th July 2013 – Points of View, United Kingdom

Yesterday (11 July 2013) brought revelations that two major private providers of public services, G4S and Serco, may have been overcharging the Ministry of Justice on contracts to electronically tag offenders to the tune of the “low tens of millions” of pounds. The Guardian reported that: “Whitehall sources say that a new forensic audit will…

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Save the date – OGP Civil Society Day (October 30) and Annual Summit (October 31 & November 1) | Paul Maassen

10th July 2013 – News, United Kingdom

This was taken from an email sent by Paul Maassen (OGP Civil Society Coordinator) to civil society organisations engaged in the OGP around the world. Just before the summer starts I wanted to make sure that all of you have these dates in your agendas. The OGP Annual Summit will take place on October 31 and…

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Bring on the oranges – what is there to play for in the second half of the UK’s G8 Presidency? | Graham Gordon, CAFOD

9th July 2013 – Points of View, United Kingdom

This article was originally posted on Left Foot Forward: After the photo opportunities, early morning swims and talk of famous blues musicians last week in Lough Erne, the temptation is to think it’s all over for the UK’s Presidency of the G8. David Cameron staked his political capital on bringing together leaders to reach agreement…

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OGP civil society peer exchange workshop

8th July 2013 – News, United Kingdom

At the beginning of July (2nd to 4th) 2013, we welcomed colleagues from civil society in the past (US, Brazil), current (Indonesia) and future (Mexico) OGP chair countries to London to share experiences, build relationships and plan for the future. This Storify of the workshop outlines what we discussed and what some of our conclusions…

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Publication of the UK’s Draft Open Government Action Plan: Statement from the UK Open Government Partnership civil society network

27th June 2013 – News, Points of View, United Kingdom

Today (27 June 2013) sees the publication of the UK’s draft Open Government Action Plan, which has been developed with extensive input from members of this civil society network. The draft plan sets out the case for enhanced transparency, participation and accountability in government, acknowledges the need for the UK to take a lead in…

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UK Open Government Partnership Draft National Action Plan

27th June 2013 – News, United Kingdom

Today sees the publication of a draft of the UK’s second Open Government Action Plan, which members of this network have been contributing to over the past few months. The draft plan is available for download from: This draft plan is now open for consultation until 19 September 2013. To respond you can: Comment on…

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