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Quick update on progress

18th March 2013 – News, United Kingdom

Over the past couple of weeks, through meetings at the Open Data Institute and collaboration online, we’ve been developing a narrative that links the open government commitments we’ve been discussing over the past five months, and presents a vision of open government driving both prosperity and democratic renewal. This draft interim plan includes commitments on…

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“Transparency can ‘break cycle of poor governance’ in developing world” | Anne Thurston, International Records Management Trust

18th March 2013 – Points of View, United Kingdom

The Guardian has published a piece on the need for data integrity if open data is to improve government transparency, particularly in the developing world. The piece, written by Dr Anne Thurston, founder and director of the International Records Management Trust, calls on the UK government to encourage data integrity as part of its international transparency…

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Open Government at Future Everything, Manchester

7th March 2013 – Meeting notes, United Kingdom

Following on from an Open Data Manchester special session on ‘open data futures’, and an open civil society workshop on the OGP, Open Data and Open Government are on the agenda at the upcoming Future Everything conference and festival in Manchester, 21st – 22nd March. The festival includes a panel discussion on the Open Government Partnership (Thursday…

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Workshop on UK Action Plan in Manchester – 20th March

7th March 2013 – Meeting notes, United Kingdom

To widen consultation on the UK’s updated OGP National Action Plan a workshop will be taking place in Manchester on 20th March, open to all civil society organisations and representatives, to come and input into the important Open Government Partnership process. The announcement to be found on the booking website is below. The UK Government…

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Transforming Multilateralism: Innovation on a Global Stage | Stanford Social Innovation Review

2nd March 2013 – Points of View, United Kingdom

This months Stanford Social Innovation Review includes a supplement about the Open Government Partnership. The articles provide a concise overview of the history of the OGP, activities taking place in a number of countries, and some of the opportunities and challenges for the partnership coming up. The articles include an overview of the origins of…

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Developing a narrative for the action plan

26th February 2013 – News, United Kingdom

Where: The Open Data Institute When: 15 February 2013 Introduction On Thursday, 15 February, the UK Open Government Partnership civil society network and Cabinet Office Transparency team met to discuss a narrative for the UK’s open government action plan. A number of working groups are currently working on developing particular commitments for the action plan,…

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Towards an overarching narrative on open government | Graham Gordon, Tearfund

12th February 2013 – News, Points of View, United Kingdom

Open government – based on transparency, participation and responsiveness – is needed to enable greater accountability and better use of resources for development. This has already been recognised in the UK Government’s Co-chair vision for the OGP, which has as its first objective to ‘Show that transparency and participation drive economic growth, well-being and prosperity through…

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A workshop on accessing and preserving credible data

31st January 2013 – Meeting notes, United Kingdom

The Association of Commonwealth Universities, the International Records Management Trust and the Alliance for Permanent Access are holding a workshop on accessing and preserving credible data (details below). Please contact Anthea Seles ( or Polly North ( if you would like to attend.

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Leading the race to the top | Sophia Oliver, Cabinet Office

31st January 2013 – Points of View, United Kingdom

At the end of October I asked civil society to join me in a shared endeavour – to create the next UK National Action Plan for the OGP. We’re now three months in – our weekly sessions on Thursdays at the Open Data Institute are well established, we’ve got a rough narrative for the plan…

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National Action Plan priority: Moving forward the global agenda on openness and transparency

28th January 2013 – News, United Kingdom

Where: The Open Data Institute When: 24 January 2013 Introduction On 15 November, members of the Cabinet Office Transparency Team and the civil society network met to scope out the areas of the UK’s next open government National Action Plan. Four areas were identified based on the UK Government’s priorities and the civil society network’s…

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