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Discussions on developing participation in local government

1st December 2018 – Points of View, United Kingdom

Many open government innovations and reforms across the world happen at the local level – a level that is much closer to the citizen and is critical in delivering public services. Recognising this, the OGP Local Program aims at harnessing the innovation and momentum demonstrated by local governments and civil society partners across the world.…

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UK OGN Welcomes Government Commitment to Open Justice

30th November 2018 – News, United Kingdom

This week, the Government committed to working with the Open Government Network and civil society groups to develop their approach to open justice, “with the goal of co-creating a full commitment for the 2020-2022 National Action Plan.” The Government reiterated its commitment to open justice in reforming courts and tribunals, and to consulting stakeholders as…

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Reflections from the first TICTeC Local

9th November 2018 – News, United Kingdom

TICTeC has gone local. This week in Manchester, the most important global conference for the understanding of civic technology brought together representatives from civic tech, local authorities and social impact organisations to discuss big, transformative ideas that focus on where and how civic tech connects with and impacts local government. The first TICTeC Local showcased…

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Accountability in Modern Government: From recommendation to commitment?

29th October 2018 – News, United Kingdom

*NEW* @instituteforgov report on #accountability in government is finally out! We make seven recommendations to improve #accountability in government — Benoit Guerin (@ben_guerin) October 15, 2018   Accountability is an essential pillar of open and democratic government. At its core, it enables the public to hold the government to account for policy and…

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UK Open Government Multistakeholder Forum | 22 October 2018 | Meeting Notes

29th October 2018 – Meeting notes, United Kingdom

Attendees Co-chair: Tim Hughes, Involve Andreas Pavlou, OGN Maria Stephens, CRAE Gavin Freeguard, IfG Michael Birtwistle, NCVO Jess Blair, ERS Wales Lucy McTernan, OGN Scotland Rose Zussman, TI UK Co-chair: Yasmin Brooks, DCMS Sue Bateman, DCMS Joel Catchatoor, Cabinet Office Thom Townsend, DCMS Wasim Akhtar, Cabinet Office Alex Blandford, DCMS Vasant Chari, Cabinet Office Ellie…

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Driving action on the SDGs – UKSSD workshop

1st October 2018 – News, United Kingdom

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) tell us what the UK should be aspiring to by 2030. The UK Stakeholders for Sustainable Development (UKSSD) ‘Measuring up’ report provides the low-down on the current state of play on the UK’s performance on the SDGs. It exposed a huge gap that needs to be bridged between the curernt…

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An action plan for a more open UK government

19th September 2018 – Points of View, United Kingdom

The full version of this blogpost was originally published on: Open government is the simple but powerful idea that governments and institutions work better for citizens when they are transparent, engaging and accountable. By increasing transparency, enhancing citizen participation or adopting strong accountability mechanisms, reform in favour of open government has led to change…

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What we heard: report of public discussion on future of openness in Scotland

13th September 2018 – News, Scotland

By Niamh Webster, Scottish Government. This article was originally posted here. We’re currently working to create a new plan for the government to commit to for the next two years. We wanted to hear from people across the country about the improvements they would like to see and hear their ideas on how the government…

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NI Open Government Network Blog – Untapped Potential

12th September 2018 – Northern Ireland, Points of View

Written by Colm Burns Having ‘no new ideas’ was the damning verdict from the political parties at Stormont after the latest round of talks with the Secretary of State. Following the meetings, Karen Bradley said she was “determined to deliver” devolved government. “Last week I set out the Government’s clear plan to bring that about…

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Notes from OGN meeting with Minister Margot James | 5 September 2018

11th September 2018 – Meeting notes, News, United Kingdom

On 5 September 2018, members of the Open Government Network’s steering committee met with Margot James MP, Minister for Digital and Creative Industries, to talk about open government in the UK and the development of the UK Open Government Action Plan 2018-20. This note of the meeting was produced by the OGN. Attendees Margot James…

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