The 2018-2020 UK Open Government National Action Plan

The UK is developing its fourth national action plan on open government.

This is part of the UK’s promise as a member of the Open Government Partnership, to work with citizens and civil society to implement open government reforms. Since 2011, the UK has developed and implemented 2-year national action plans. This year sees the UK begin to develop and launch its 2018-2020 open government national action plan.

The UK Open Government Civil Society Network – set up to bring together civil society working on open goverment issues, and coordinated by Involve – is conducting a series of workshops around the country, as well as online, to collect ideas and proposals which could form commitments in 2018-2020 Open Government Action Plan. These ideas will be developed and prioritised by members of the Open Government Network into a series of civil society demands which will be taken into the co-creation process with government officials.

The commitments in the plan will then be adopted by government and implemented over the next two years.


UK: Click here for more about the process

SCOTLAND: Click here for more about the process

N. IRELAND: Read & suggest proposed commitments

– CYMRU/WALES: News coming soon –